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Sixteen Drawings series

Sixteen Drawings documents everyday life through looking at the popular issues of today. Stock imagery associated with politicised areas of discussion such as the economy and culture are removed from these divisive contexts, and the drawings that result from this inquiry show a diverse and visually engaging version of society.

The Wall at Work studies

The Wall at Work addresses how seemingly unrelated images can sit alongside each other in surprising ways. The series draws inspiration from personal experience and normative culture, and occupies a hypothetical workplace. These drawings comment on our interaction with imagery and how the way images are displayed communicate as much as the pictures themselves.

Individual Drawings

Bland Street, Pen on Paper, 2019

Smoke Break, Pen on Paper, 2020

Wave, Pencil on Paper, 2020

Untitled, Pencil on Paper, 2020

We Should Do This Again, Pencil on Paper, 2020

Clockwatching, Pencil on Paper, 2020

Party, Pencil on Paper, 2021

Rainy Street, Pencil on Paper, 2021

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